Close more deals faster and get paid upfront

A smart payment gateway for B2B SaaS. Offer flexible payment terms while getting paid upfront, and eliminate collections, reconciliation, and monitoring overhead.

How it works in 3 steps

Get paid

We take care of processing your customer’s payments, and send the cash to you upfront immediately

Quote & Close

Turn your annual quotes into flexible terms for your buyers and close every deal

Get paid

We take care of processing your customer’s payments, and send the cash to you upfront immediately

Reconcile & Monitor

We take care of billing and collections, reducing the burden on your Finance team.

Get paid with Capchase

Better than discounts

Capchase pays you upfront so you can reduce or eliminate your discount. This means higher ARR, and better terms for renewal.

Forget end-of-quarter crisis

Capchase unblocks your deal pipeline allowing buyers to pay later, whenever their budget is freed. This means your end-of-quarter just got easier.

Committed Customers

Capchase lets you turn monthly paying customers into committed 12-month deals. This means better retention and higher LTV.

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Endorsed by SaaS leaders

“When considering competing products, buyers will always choose the most flexible payment terms. This means you can sell faster than your competition.”

Patricia Navasa
Head of Sales @Jobandtalent

“We all love annual contracts, but not if they slow down deals. This combines the best of both worlds (upfront cash and speed) efficiently.”

Toni Perez
Co-Founder & CEO @Bloobirds.

“It’s a game changer. Every SaaS company should have this.”

Michael Gear
CEO @Cience

“We may keep meeting sales targets protected from market conditions”

Aaron Cogolludo
Sales Partnerships @Personio


What companies do you serve?

SaaS businesses in the US or Europe, looking to accelerate their sales cycles and/or get cash upfront. Talk to an expert.

Which are the requirements?

We perform a quick verification process that determines your eligibility for Capchase Pay as well as the specific terms that would best adapt to your business. Talk to an expert.

What’s my cost of capital?

You can expect a price around 10% pending verification results. This is lower than the average 15-20% upfront discounts that we see, which means you can push your ARR while closing faster. Talk to an expert.

What happens if my buyer churns?

We are prepared to deal with multiple scenarios of buyer breaching contract with no impact to your business, leaving you in a better position than without Capchase Pay.

In the unlikely scenario of a buyer breaching contract and incurring in non-payment, you will interrupt service for the buyer after 30 days. Depending on your specific terms with Capchase, we will either follow-up with collections to the buyer keeping you off the hook or require your business to return the previously forwarded amount proportional to the remaining periods where no service is provided minus fees. Talk to an expert.

How do you manage customer data?

At Capchase, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers. We have achieved SOC 2 compliance, which means we have implemented the necessary controls to protect customer data and ensure it is handled securely. We have also implemented a comprehensive information security program that includes regular security assessments, risk management, and employee training.

Upfront cash, faster sales